Again this year fans enjoyed seeing and hearing the 2018 All-Star Band. The band directors and members are from area schools.

Band members meet on Tuesday through Friday afternoon/evening preparing for the game. Their preparation culminated with a concert, this year at St. Joseph’s Nursing Home in Norfolk, as well as the game.

Band members earning awards were most improved Tyson Junck, Randolph and outstanding band member Trevor Zellmer, Pierce

Congratulations to directors and band members on a great half time show and your hard work all week! We appreciate you!

Band directors: Jason Stech- WSC, Clint Dennis- Wisner Pilger, Todd Cook- Norfolk High, Samantha Hahn- Norfolk Catholic, Carrie Jensen- Stanton, Chad Jensen and Mike Sindt- Pierce, Brad Weber- WSC, and Nate Metschke- Neligh Oakdale

Here are some band shots from the game:

2018 Band Members and Directors:

Dylan Anderson Wayne Trombone
Erin Barnhill Norfolk High Bass Drum
Addison Bates Norfolk High Alto
Danielle Bennett Norfolk High Mallets
Emma Bixler Neligh-Oakdale Clarinet
Hailey Bixler Neligh-Oakdale Mallets
Benamin Bugenhagen Norfolk Catholic Tenor
Chloe Carothers Neligh-Oakdale Clarinet
Christian Cattau Norfolk Catholic Trombone
Griffin Clausen Neligh-Oakdale Flute
Ian Cullin Norfolk Catholic Trumpet
Kim Dreger Neligh-Oakdale Tenor
Emily Drevecky Norfolk Catholic Flute
Jared Ertzner Norfolk High Alto
Nathan Feusse Neligh-Oakdale Horn
Matthew Feusse Neligh-Oakdale Trumpet
Wyatt Flesner Pierce Tuba
Kylie Freudenburg Norfolk High Percussion
Abbey Fuerhoff Pierce Alto
Wynter Fulsaas Neligh-Oakdale Baritone
Jordan Fulsaas Neligh-Oakdale Flute
Krystal Fulsaas Neligh-Oakdale Percussion
Jazmyn Gacia Neligh-Oakdale Alto
Abigail Gonzalez Norfolk High Clarinet
Eryn Gustman Norfolk High Alto
Anthony Hansen Wayne Baritone
Mercedes Heckert Neligh-Oakdale Percussion
Dante Hewitt Norfolk High Tuba
Janae Hirschman Norfolk High Trombone
Cole Hobza Wayne Trumpet
Makaila Holland Norfolk High Flute
Symphony Jareske Wayne Trumpet
Thomas Johnson Neligh-Oakdale Trombone
Riley Johnson Norfolk High Clarinet
Tyson Junck Randolph Trumpet
Savannah Keopke Norfolk Catholic Clarinet
James Kester Clearwater Percussion
Alex Kesting Pierce Alto
Aleia Kumm Osmond Trumpet
Raymond Lux Norfolk Catholic Snare
Riley Martensen Neligh-Oakdale Percussion
Keegan Mosel Plainview Percussion
Kaleb Mozer Neligh-Oakdale Trombone
Matthew Nelson Laurel Concord Coleridge Snare
Jacob Pedersen Pierce Trumpet
Kyler Peters Pierce Mellaphone
Cayden Phillips Ponca Alto
Brendan Rasmussen Plainview Quads
Shawn Rinkel Pierce Trumpet
Braden Rittscher Norfolk High Clarinet
Shyann Rohloff Osmond Trumpet
Jacob Rusk Norfolk High Tuba
Ethan Rusk Norfolk High Bari Sax
Zach Ryan Norfolk High Alto
Adan Schindler Neligh-Oakdale Trumpet
Brittany Schuchman Stanton Flute
Dimanod Schultz Norfolk High Clarinet
Caden Schwager Neligh-Oakdale Alto
Haylee Serres Norfolk Catholic Bari Sax
Ashlyn Shutt Norfolk High Trumpet
Terran Sievers Wayne Tenor
Mason Sindelar Pierce Trombone
Alexus Sindelar Pierce Trumpet
Jeffery Sours Norfolk High Quads
Dakota Spann Wayne Tuba
Audrey Steffen Norfolk Catholic Clarinet
Alyssa Sullivan Norfolk Catholic Flute
Trey Svatos Neligh-Oakdale Trumpet
Parker Tinsley Neligh-Oakdale Alto
Lily Umberger Randolph Trombone
Hannah Varspir Norfolk High Alto
Mark Venteicher Pierce Snare
Brittani Wacker Plainview Bari
Makinzie Walton Norfolk High Alto
Matthew Williams Pierce Snare
Meredith Wiseman Neligh-Oakdale Tenor
Kasady Wolken Norfolk High Flute
Melanie Yiver Norfolk High Flute
Ryan Yost Norfolk High Tenor
Trevor Zellmer Pierce Trombone
Todd Cook Norfolk High
Clint Dennis Wisner Pilger
Samantha Hahn Norfolk Catholic
Carrie Jensen Stanton
Chad Jensen Pierce
Nate Metschke Neligh-Oakdale
Mike Sindt Pierce
Jason Stech Wayne State College
Brad Weber Wayne State College