The NEN All-Star Football Classic game will be played using High School Rules with these deviations.


  1. A 4-3 defense will be utilized. This includes short yardage, 4th downs, all kicks and goal line situations.
  2. Defensive tackles must be aligned in a head-up position on the offensive guards. Head-up is defined as the defensive player’s helmet must be between the offensive man’s shoulder pads.
  3. Defensive ends may align either in a head-up or outside shoulder position on the end man on the offensive line of scrimmage. The outside shoulder is interpreted as there must be a part of the defensive player’s body across from the offensive player’s body. Defensive ends cannot line up in the inside gap.
  4. Defensive lineman may not slant or stunt. All four defensive linemen must make initial contact with the offensive player directly across from them.
  5. Prior to the snap, the 3 linebackers must be at least 3 yards behind (including into the end zone) the ball and not deeper than 7 yards. Outside Linebackers must align head up on the offensive tackle unless there is no tight end, then they may align outside the offensive tackle. Linebackers can never blitz. Linebackers can react any way to play fakes, rollouts and options. A linebacker may never tackle a quarterback who does a straight drop-back, unless the quarterback scrambles.
  6. Only the 3 linebackers and 4 defensive linemen may play inside “The Box”. The Box is defined as the area from the end man on the offensive line of scrimmage to the other end man on the line (excluding split-ends) and seven yards behind the neutral zone, but never past the goal line.
  7. Defensive backs must be 3 yards off the line of scrimmage, but never have to play deeper than the goal line. Defensive backs may follow a motion man through the box. Defensive backs may never blitz.


  1. Any player in motion may not block back towards the spot of the snap behind the line of scrimmage.
  2. Any punt formation may be used. Defense must align in a 4-3. Once the punter moves laterally (rugby punt), linebackers and defensive backs may rush the punter.
  3. The offense must always use a balanced line (two offensive linemen on each side of center) and line splits cannot exceed one yard. Penalty for an unbalanced line is always a 5-yard penalty.

Other Rules

  1. Only the Northeast Nebraska All Star Football Classic coaches are allowed on the sideline. All may be in the coaching box. Only the head coach and assistants are allowed to work with the Northeast Nebraska All Star Football athletes during camp.
  2. If the score is tied at the end of the game, the NF overtime rule will be used.
  3. The “17 point” rule will be used. If a team scores and is still 17 points behind, they receive the next kick off.
  4. Special Rule Advisors will be located on each sideline during the game. They have the authority to enforce any Northeast Nebraska All Star Football Classic special rule.
  5. Coaches are requested to require players to wear the proper uniform on game day. This includes shirts being tucked in, no excessive taping, and no streamers. If helmet emblems are exchanged, they cannot be put on the helmet for game day.
  6. First three violations of a Northeast Nebraska All Star Football Classic Special Rule will result in a 5-yard procedure penalty. The 4th and subsequent violations will result in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (not charged against the coach).
  7. Kick-offs will be made from the 40-yard line.
  8.  Quarters will be 12 minutes in length.
  9. All regulations for the All-Star Classic will follow the regulations of the NFHS, including any newly adopted rules for the upcoming season.